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Ne Obliviscaris - The Painted Progression Tour

Wild Thing Presents, in association with Welkin Entertainment and Evolution Touring proudly present...

NE OBLIVISCARIS - The Painted Progression Tour

Australia - May 2019

With Special Guests: Caligula’s Horse, Beyond Creation (CAN), Allegaeon (USA) & Rivers Of Nihil (USA)

“One of the absolute best live performances I’ve seen in living memory” NoCleanSinging.com

Australia’s foremost Kings of progressive, extreme heavy music, Ne Obliviscaris have put together an incredible touring line up that will dominate the nation in May, 2019!

Since the release of the bands critically acclaimed album Urn in October 2017, Ne Obliviscaris have been on a non stop tour of the world performing to tens of thousands of people around the world, in the Middle East, North America, the UK and Europe. These will be their first shows on home soil in over a year! The Painted Progression tour is more than a homecoming for NeO, it's an epic, 5 band prog music extravaganza featuring the nations other progressive shining light, Caligula’s Horse and three international acts!

Hailing from Brisbane, Caligula’s Horse are one of Australia’s progressive heavy music treasures. Their unique tapestry of progressive metal laced with raw rock power is at once fluid, monumental, and striking. Their fourth record, the 2017 immense concept album In Contact, left audiences breathless as it cracked the Top 50 ARIA charts. Following their highly successful headline ‘Love Conquers All’ Australian Tour in August 2018, they sojourned to Europe in October to headline the 'In Contact - All Aussie Invasion’ Tour; 27 shows including 5 festivals Euroblast, ProgPower, Very Prog, AMFest and Damnation, plus a sold out London show. Their breathtaking live performances continue to receive rave reviews worldwide for their elegance, intensity and sheer emotional power.

Beyond Creation were guests on NeO’s Citadel tour in 2014 so fans will be familiar with the Canadian progressive death metallers. The band spent 3 solid years on the road promoting their Earthborn Evolutionalbum and playing almost every festival there is and gaining a legion of fans in the process. This ultimately led to their 3rd album, the recently released, Algorythm, becoming one of the most highly anticipated heavy releases of 2018! Beyond Creation are now considered one of the worldwide leaders in modern technical death metal, and Algorythm is a study in the forward motion of intelligent, progressive extremity.

Allegaeon have been described by Metal Hammer Magazine as ’the new face of ruthless modern death metal’ and they would be correct. The Colorado natives deliver a musically complex, intelligent, and absorbing sound that can rightfully sit alongside the true greats of the genre. Lauded for their extreme technicality and capacity for writing music of truly epic scale, the band embody the term ‘progressive’ more than most, with their current release, Proponent For Sentience featuring orchestral movements and even throat singing! The band toured with Ne Obliviscaris on their North American and European headline tours in 2017/18. Having racked up over 60 shows together, NeO are finally bringing them to Australia for their first ever visit to our shores!

Rivers Of Nihil will be venturing to Australia for the first time ever on The Painted Progression tour. Their third album, Where Owls Know My Name, was released in early 2018 and has featured on many ‘best of 2018’ end of year lists from heavy music media around the globe. While being punishing purveyors of modern death metal, the band also assimilate ingredients from musical genres as varied as electronica, jazz, alternative and folk. The result is indescribably progressive; a multifaceted soundscape that goes beyond the wildest dreams of even the group’s most ardent admirers. Metal Wani called the bands live show, 'a mind-numbing force of modern death metal with a vivid darkness in the sound'.

With so much incredible music on offer over the course of one evening, this tour is an absolute must see for any fan of boundary-pushing heavy music. Get your tickets fast, a line up like this is guaranteed to be one of the most talked about events of the year!


Founded in Melbourne in 2003, Ne Obliviscaris took the inspiration for their name from the proud motto of Clan Campbell based in Argyll, Scotland, which means "forget not". From the start, this collective of exceptional musicians made it clear that they did not intend to follow any trends or walk on well-trodden paths. Their first demo, 'The Aurora Veil' (2007) had a massive impact in the metal underground far beyond the fifth continent and their debut full-length 'Portal of I' (2012) reached the mainstream music press, which praised their unique array of influences and characteristic virtuoso violin. Their second album 'Citadel' (2014) added avant-garde approaches including jazz, flamenco, progressive rock, and many other wide-ranged influences to their solid metal base.

On 2017’s Urn, Ne Obliviscaris have honed and re-balanced the key elements of their unique sound to a razor sharp musical edge. The dynamic entwining of fierce growls and emotive clean vocals, the contrast between devastatingly intricate guitar riffs and thundering drums against an unleashed violin and gorgeous string parts as well as the perfect blending of epic progressive and intense extreme metal forms of expression are all marking a new peak in the steep rise of the band. Urn has taken Ne Obliviscaris to the next level. Outstanding musicianship meets excellent songwriting and a firework of brilliant ideas.

Parallel to their success on a critical level and with an ever-growing host of die-hard fans, the band have increased their reputation as an excellent live act with extensive touring literally around the globe. The financial base for this was laid by their ground-breaking use of modern day crowd-funding campaigns. This includes an ongoing Patreon membership scheme under the moniker The Ne Obluminati, which is revolutionising the relationship between band and fans by using the ancient concept of patronage in today's democratic setting.