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Kalascima (Italy)

Kalàscima: Original Saund From Sauf Ov Itali!

One of Italy’s hottest bands, Kalàscima will be touring Australia for their first ever time, playing shows in Melbourne and Anglesea, over a 2 week period.

Kalàscima’s performances are full of energy and rhythm from the ancient traditional dance and music of taranta (Salento, southern Italy). With traditional and original songs, in dialect, Kalàscima revitalises the ancient ritual of pizzica tarantata, said to cure the deadly spider’s bite with frenzied trance dances!

Kalàscima has been performing in Italy and around the world for the best part of the last 10 years. The band meshes traditional Italian folk music with alternate sounds coming from other genres such as Balkan, Klezmer and Irish music. The arrangement of folk instruments, some traditional in their execution, and other instruments as a result of today’s technological evolution, strongly feature in Kalàscima’s sound. What audiences come to hear is a combination of past and present, traditional and modern.

Kalàscima will first hit the Angelsea Music Festival on the Saturday the 13th of October, followed by a headlining show at the Cartlon Italian Festa on Lygon St on Sunday the 14th of October. The group are then booked to play further headlining shows at Cruzao Arepa on the 17th of October (intimate acoustic performance), Revolver Upstairs on the 18th of October, the South Melbourne Commons on the 19th of October, The B.East on the 20th of October and Veludo Upstairs on the 21st of October.

Be sure to catch this amazing and unique band while you can in Australia and above all, be ready to dance your socks off!