Founded in 2008, the Austrian psych/prog trio Mother’s Cake are set to unleash their third studio album, No Rhyme No Reason, in late January. The first to receive a dedicated UK release, those new to the band will be blown away by its many qualities. Songs such as first single The KillerThe Sun and album opener No Rhyme Or Reason create an immediate impact via an explosive alliance of psych, indie and blues rock (in no small part due to the voice of frontman Yves Krismer), while lengthier sonic excursions such as Streetja ManEnemy and H8 delve deeper with elements of psychedelic, progressive and space rock mixed into compelling sound palettes.

Extensive touring as a headline act in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, coupled with support slots further afield with the likes of AC/DC, Iggy Pop, Deftones, Wolfmother, Velvet Revolver, Anathema, Pentagram and Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group, has left many attesting to the raw, pure energy transmitted by the band that has affected audiences on a primal and collective level.

Mother’s Cake have released two previous studio albums : Creation's Finest (2012) and Love The Filth (2015), as well as a 2014 live album entitled Off The Beaten Track. Drawing comparisons to the likes of Mars Volta, Jane’s Addiction and Led Zeppelin, these records set the scene for what is now their best work to date.

The first single from the forthcoming No Rhyme No Reason is The Killer, which was released on November 11. Watch the video HERE

No Rhyme No Reason will be released on 27th January 2017 via Membran.